My Public Speaking Program

Public Speaking can be a Terrifying Thing for most of us!

Here is the breakdown of Maria’s 6 Week Speak with Confidence Program:

Program Information:

The Program Outline:

I have helped 123 corporate professionals overcome their fear of Public Speaking within 6 weeks!

Here is what makes working with Maria different.

Overcome nervousness and anxiety so you can present without any hesitation

Sound more assertive and have your peers respect and listen to you

Excel at Impromptu Speaking and always be ready to answer any question

...All in under 6 weeks.

Client 1:

came to Maria because she was not getting the leadership positions she wanted and she was not confident asking for the salary she deserved. After working together for only 3 weeks, not only did she land the leadership position she wanted but she asked and received a 30% increase in her salary.

Client 2:

came to Maria because she always read from a script every-time she presented. She was afraid to speak without a script because she thought she would blank out and embarrass herself. After 4 weeks of working together, she started presenting without a script and her peers applauded her for the memorable presentations. She now looks forward to presentations and has received a promotion within 6 months of working with Maria.

Client 3:

wanted to get a promotion in his company but he would never speak up during meetings because he did not know what to say. After working together for 4 weeks, he learned impromptu speaking which allowed him to always speak up by giving well structured answers to his executives. His manager has recommended him for the next promotion.

When you work with Maria, you will start noticing a change in your speaking abilities within 3 weeks!

My Answers for you

Frequently asked questions

If you do the work then yes it will work. My clients who watch he modules, attend the coaching & impromptu sessions see an 80% improvement in the way they speak!

Most of my clients work a full time job, are married with kids and pets. They are able to fit this program into their schedules because it is very flexible. There are various options of coaching & impromptu sessions for you to choose from throughout the week!

I use a very inside out approach. We do internal work before anything which is why my clients start to see a change within 2-3 weeks!

I only hold a certain amount of sessions throughout the year. Please attend my next LIVE by signing up at and attend the session to see how you can join my program. 

Yes! As long as you are an introvert who needs to overcome your fear of Public Speaking, this program will work on you!

I believe in giving each client ample amount of time that they need for their success which is why the coaching calls are a max of 4 people per call. 

Interesting in joining my program?

Go to and join me on my next LIVE Masterclass where I will demonstrate my teaching abilities and give you the opportunity to join her program.